Goals for 2023


I stopped making New Year’s resolutions when I was around 13. I realised they were not realistic and I never stuck to them in previous years. Actually, mid-way through January I already forgot what they were. It just so happens that it is in December that I decided I need to sit down and make a plan for 2023 about the direction I wanted to take as a food content creator. I don’t want to jinx it with the term “New Year’s resolutions”. Instead, we’ll call it “a food blogger’s goals for 2023”.

I’ve researched the heck out of food blogging, SEO, driving traffic etc. I know it’s not going to be easy, but I’m sure as hell not going to throw in the towel before I’ve even given it a shot. So here’s to successes, failures and building a community.

Here are some realistic goals I’ve set for 2023:

  • Keep an updated content calendar
  • Stop thinking about it and just shoot that first YouTube video
  • Be consistent
  • Keep the camera equipment charged
  • If it becomes stressful, pause and take a step back

Let’s not get carried away with too many goals now. But these, I feel, are key motivators.

So come along on this journey with me. Let’s share recipes and ideas, let’s connect. I’m always happy to engage with other foodies.

May the new year be a “foodful” (i.e. fruitful) one!

Oh, while you’re here, check out my recipe index. Thank you!

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