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South African food blogger who grew up with traditional Cape Malay cuisine and loves cooking fusions.

About this blog

I was raised in a very traditional household where mom was always whipping up a treat (and a feast) in the kitchen, with mostly Cape Malay cooking. I grew up surrounded by women who are some of the best cooks and bakers I know today. I guess you can say being a foodie is part of who I am.

I don’t only love experimenting with new (and old) recipes, but kitchen gadgets really get me excited! I thoroughly enjoying incorporating ingredients and cuisines I’ve experienced on my travels.

This blog will feature amazing, tried and tested recipes (traditional Cape Malay recipes included), and some kitchen gadget talk. Thank you for joining me on my journey and sharing my love for the kitchen… oh, and for making this the best South African food blog featuring “Cape Town food”!


Eat gloriously!

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